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Thursday, 07 July 2022 – A Boda Boda rider was involved in a fatal crash after a long-distance truck lost control along a busy road in Naivasha.

In the chilling footage recorded on a dashboard camera, the driver of the truck is seen trying to overtake a bus before losing control.

He swerved the speeding lorry and in the process, he crashed into a Boda Boda rider.

The Boda Boda rider reportedly survived the accident with serious injuries.

The video of the fatal accident has sparked reactions among social media users, with the majority of the Netizens calling out the truck driver for reckless driving.

Below is the chilling footage and reactions from Netizens.

The truck guy applied emergency brakes to avoid hitting the Subaru. The moment one applies emergency has no control of the vehicle, all tyres are locked and the weight pushes the car/trailer to any direction. Boda guy was unlucky, it is just an accident.

The problem comes from a truck driver, he was speeding, secondly comes the Subaru car, yes he has right but stopping in the middle of the busy traffic is not a good ! Safety comes first. Always turn when it’s safe or pull over until it’s clear On the other hand safe driver(Bus)

DO NOT attempt to overtake when approaching a T-junction. Simple. Cause of accident: Reckless driving by the truck driver.

The truck should have slowed down immediately he saw the bus slow down and the matatu. He had AMPLE TIME and clear visual yet he DID NOT. The car driver stopped and waited for the boda guy to pass. Boda guy didn’t pull a sketchy stunt. The fault is ENTIRELY with the truck driver.

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