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Thursday, June 23, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has continued to campaign against Deputy President William Ruto, urging Kenyans not to make the mistake of electing a thug like the DP as their next president.

Speaking during the launch of issuance of title deeds across the country at KICC, Uhuru asked Kenyans to elect progressive leaders.

He said Kenyans should shun leaders involved in the theft of public resources, including land grabbing and cartels like Ruto, in the August election.

“The land cartels are regrouping again; I do urge, msichague watu watatuweka gear ya reverse waturudishe enzi ya wizi (Don’t elect leaders who will take us to the graft era),” Uhuru pleaded.

This is not the first time Uhuru was warning Kenyans against electing his Deputy, William Ruto, who is allegedly tainted with corruption.

Last year, Uhuru warned Kenyans against electing thieves who will plunder the country and water down all the gain his administration and that of his predecessor, the late Mwai Kibaki, have attained.


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  1. Imbecile talking shit, yet it's the real thief with it's family members - kimenoma kama ngurue ju ya uwizi. Fala kabisa.


    You are the most useless being on the face of the earth.

    Take you ineptness to you family – they need it in lavishing on the loots that has raised you to be educable and a mungiki vampire fraudster with your abyss regime of robbers na shida everywhere.

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    The citizens of republic of kenya have had enough of your imbecile face and wish you a direct ticket to abyss on October 2022 so that our taxes are not used in sustaining you and your cohort of robbers staffs after you leave office.

    Ujinga peleka kwa ko – it’s need there.

  2. Can our political class point at one of them who has not abused office during their political tenure? SKM is associated with NYS land, Odinga family is associated with Kisumu Molasses, Wetangula With Kenyan forein Embassies, Madvd is the mavoko graveyard, Uhuru’s family is even worse during the KEnyatta 1 reign.

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