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Sunday, June 12, 2022 – Controversial lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has sent a message to Roots Party presidential candidate, Prof. Wajackoyah after he said he will legalise Marijuana use in the country and also suspend the 2010 constitution if he wins the presidency in August.

Wajackoyah, in his manifesto, also said he will allow large-scale Marijuana farming and rearing of snakes to help the country offset its huge debt to China.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Miguna shared a series of tweets and told Wajackoyah that the problems the people of Kenya are facing are way beyond snakes and Marijuana.

Miguna also bashed Wajackoyah for saying he will suspend the constitution urging him that he cannot suspend the constitution that was approved by Kenyans in 2010.

He urged Wajackoyah to use reason and logic to solve the problems affecting Kenyans.

“You don’t fix Kenya by subverting the Constitution that the people gave themselves in 2010. You don’t solve the criminal debt crisis by selling snake poison. Using reason, logic and vision are the solutions,” Miguna added.


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  1. Hapa Dr Miguna! Umetupa mbao.

    Prof Wajakpyah has valid cure for the republic Kenya and the debts created by this useless son of a fossil thief that has brought ujinga na ufala za babake.

    As it stands Azimio la wachawi and kenya kwanza have no solution to the problems facing the nation.

    So shut up and condemn the devil.

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