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Sunday, June 19, 2022 – Murang’a County Senator, Irungu Kang’ata, has revealed how President Uhuru Kenyatta is secretly helping Deputy President William Ruto win the August 9th poll.

Though Uhuru has publicly said he is behind Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in August, Kang’ata, in an article in one of the local dailies, said Uhuru might be playing reverse psychology in the current politics to achieve his goal.

Kang’ata said Uhuru could be playing Raila and getting the impression the state is behind him when Ruto is actually the desired government candidate.

“There exist signs that might support the hypothesis of ‘reverse psychology. First, Uhuru understands the potency of ‘sympathy politics’ more than every politician in Kenya.

In 2002, he gunned for the presidency and lost on account of being a newbie. His political fortunes changed for the better on sympathy after his arraignment before ICC on allegations he was among those behind post-election violence in the aftermath of the 2007 elections,” Kang’ata wrote.

According to Irungu, recent government policies such as high prices of fuel, flour and sugar could be campaigning against Raila Odinga who is being supported by the government.

“Maybe this is the subtle blow intended to knock off Raila once and for all in the last month of the campaign. Uhuru’s government would have gone out of its way to forestall such economic outcomes if it really wanted to help Raila,” he noted.

Kang’ata is vying for Murang’a county gubernatorial seat in August.

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