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If there is a figure crucial in a casino, it is undoubtedly the dealer. These professionals dedicated to making the different games possible meet a series of conditions that make them fun and essential.

If we stick to the word’s definition, a dealer is a professional in a casino or game room directing the game, dealing cards, and controlling the bets. But why do we call it a “dealer”? he is the one who handles the reins and directs the game.

A dealer is more than just an expert at dealing cards, that’s for sure. It is not just about the activities we see him carry out, such as throwing the ball at the roulette, bringing the dice closer to the players, or accepting bets; above all, it is about being aware of what is happening at the gaming table.

What It Takes To Be A Good Dealer

A good dealer, let’s not forget, is the casino representative at each gaming table. That is why a professional attitude is expected of him, marked by skill in dealing with the client and the ability to maintain an image of reliability and security that make for the ideal gaming experience.

Dealers can be trained at the casino itself or attend specialized courses. In either case, there will be several characteristics that will determine the appearance of a good dealer:

Agility In The Hands

You don’t expect the dealer to drop a card or take a long time to deal at a real Blackjack table. Part of the ritual that makes going to the casino an unforgettable experience is to watch the dealer in amazement, moving the cards at full speed.

Of course, blackjack with live dealer personnel usually wear clothes that expose their wrists or sleeves so the players can always see that there is no trick. And it’s not just the cards; have you noticed how easily they take the stacks of chips without stopping to count one by one!

Mental Ability

Not only do you have to memorize the rules of each game with each existing variant and have the necessary resources to explain them to any client. Also, a good dealer knows mathematics and arithmetic calculation. Nobody expects to see a dealer counting who has reached 21 first on his fingers. Their brains are hanging on the move of each of the participants.

Social Skills

A good dealer offers the seriousness and neutrality necessary not to disturb customers, and will also know how to calm a disturbed player, prevent a depressed player from leaving, and is the first barrier against any complaint or claim against the casino.

The truth is that you can achieve a lot with good manners and discretion with customers. In that aspect and uniforms aside, a dealer must monitor his body expressiveness and contribute to harmony and calm in the game.

This position also requires a respectful attitude and the ability to reconcile the spirits lit by the game’s emotion, creating an unbeatable environment. Knowing how to express himself will also be important in his work since not all players will be equally familiar with the rules, and he must ensure equal opportunities for all of them.

Time Availability

Casinos today have flexible opening hours, but the truth is that we humans like nightlife, and on weekends when we rest is when casinos certainly attract more players. A good dealer knows that his work is linked to other people’s leisure, and we are sure that he will know how to enjoy the emotions of his work even though the sun has set.

Ability To Withstand Pressure

Things can get “hot” around a poker table, and a dealer needs not to fall apart thinking about how much a player with a hot streak will win and to have the cold blood to accept situations in which the adrenaline rushes.

The dealer may be the protagonist of a fantastic play, but unlike the individual player, the satisfaction of an interesting game cannot be seen on his face. Also, the atmosphere in a casino can be loud and festive, and his head must be kept cool and focused on the game he is running.

The croupiers, then, are part of the experience of playing in a casino. They are almost a cinematographic figure, so it is not surprising that online casinos have incorporated real-time games in which they can boast expert dealers and thus bring the full experience to your computer.

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