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Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – The International Criminal Court (ICC) may be coming for Deputy President William Ruto any time less than 44 days to the August 9th General Election.

This is after it emerged that he bribed and intimidated ICC witnesses in his case leading to its collapse.

Kenyan Lawyer Paul Gicheru, who is currently facing ICC charges over allegations of tampering with witnesses that led to the collapse of Ruto’s case at the International Court, is accused of being used by Ruto to sabotage the prosecution case.

During the closing submission yesterday, ICC Deputy Prosecutor James Stewart directly linked DP Ruto to the network that influenced key witnesses to bolt out of the case.

The prosecutor alleged that lawyer Gicheru was the architect of the bribery scheme assisted by 10 other people whose common connection was William Ruto.

Stewart opined that an analysis of Gicheru’s phone records showed the direct involvement of Ruto and his close associate Simotwo.

“Open source evidence confirms that both attended this school … An analysis of mobile phone data indicates that Ruto’s number was saved as a contact, and of Simotwo, an influential Kenyan businessman and long-time business associate of Ruto.”

“Simotwo was head of the board of directors of Amaco Insurance, a firm Ruto is reported to have close connections as a major shareholder and former co-owner, and which is one of Gicheru’s clients,” the prosecution alleged.

The prosecution urged the court to find Gicheru guilty of all charges, saying his role in tampering with the witness was a grave offense.

“There is no innocent explanation consistent with the prosecution’s evidence, nor has any been suggested by the defense. It proves beyond reasonable doubt the accused’s essential role in the implementation of the witness interference scheme described below, which was conducted for the benefit of William Samoei Ruto,” said Stewart.

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