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Monday, June 20, 2022 – Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto and his Azimio counterpart, Raila Odinga, exchanged bitter words over the Jacaranda chaos that occurred on Sunday.

Ruto, who had staged a rally at Jacaranda, was treated to a rude reception by a section of residents after his convoy was pelted with stones.

The chaotic scene saw the DP blame Raila for organizing rowdy youths to disrupt his rally.

“Mr. Kitendawili, The Lord of Violence has done it again: Hired innocent, desperate & jobless young people – victims of his sabotage of the Big4 jobs plan, to shed innocent blood in his eternal quest for power,” the DP said in a statement on his social media handles.

“What a shame on Father’s Day! Mr father of violence; Freedom is coming on August 9th!”

The remarks drew mixed reactions among Kenyans with some of his supporters backing him while those of contrary opinion lashing out at him.

On his part, Raila made a rejoinder dismissing the DP for having a penchant for blaming others for his woes.

He described the DP’s statement as a plot to win sympathy votes adding that the attempt has fallen flat.

“Mr Six months, for how long will you blame everyone for everything that befalls you. It’s not okay to be rudderless, clueless and plan-less,” Raila fired back.

“This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics. Maliza uende. There is no room for sympathy votes!” he added.

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