Wednesday, June 1, 2022 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said his government will not allow civil servants to own businesses as their secondary source of income.

Speaking on Tuesday, Raila said all civil servants will rely on their jobs as their primary source of income under his administration.

Raila, who is also the Orange Democratic Movement party leader, said under his administration, he will enact legislation prohibiting all public workers from having other sources of income, such as engaging in business activities or the like.

In addition, Raila, who is the Azimio presidential candidate, said that if a government employee wishes to engage in business activities, he or she must leave and be replaced by other Kenyan job applicants.

“We have a situation where civil servants own businesses which are competing with the private sector. 

“It is either you are a civil servant and you earn your salary and you work for the public or you resign and become a businessman and you are served by the civil service. There will be no negotiation about that,” Raila Odinga said.


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  1. There is something ridiculous about a puppet on a string yet he gives empty promises with nothing to offer to Kenyans, he works with the government and doing business with in the government so who is fooling who some times raila just retire from politics Kenyans are no longer interested with the puppet only a fool and mentally sick can follow the puppet your a stingy old man it’s like being a manager just like pep of Manchester city did all the efforts to win champions league and he fails several times.

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