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Wednesday, 08 June 2022 – With only 61 days remaining to the General Elections, the choice of running mate seems to be shaping the battle between Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party and William Ruto of Kenya Kwanza alliance.

Since the ODM leader named Martha Karua as his 2022 presidential running mate, his popularity especially in the vote-rich region of Mt Kenya has improved according to recent surveys.

On the other hand, the choice of Rigathi Gachagua as a running mate could have contributed to the decline in the popularity rate of UDA supremo, William Ruto.The effect of presidential running mates could be seen in the latest survey by Statistics Kenya conducted between May 10th to 31st where Raila has overtaken Ruto as the most preferred presidential candidate.

According to the polls, the former Prime Minister will easily defeat the Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential flag bearer in round one.The survey shows that the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential flag bearer is leading with 55.4% while his counterpart, William Ruto, dropped to 37.1%.

With this percent, Raila who is making his fifth attempt at the presidency, will be over the 50%+1 constitutional required for one to be declared the winner in round one of a presidential election.

“The naming of Martha Karua as Azimio la Umoja-One coalition presidential running mate has significantly consolidated a huge fraction of youth and women constituency of ages 25 and above year’s.” Statistics Kenya said in their findings.

The findings further show that both males and females above 35 years prefer the Raila-Karua ticket compared to the Ruto-Rigathi ticket.

During the period of the survey, while Raila Odinga’s popularity has increased in the Mt Kenya region, William Ruto’s support in the region has declined by 1.9 %.

“Kenya Kwanza enjoyed the dominance of Mt Kenya region before the selection of their running mate. William Ruto has since lost a total of 1.9% from the previous polls where he garnered 39%. Raila Odinga has closed the gap in Central Kenya after the selection of his running mate Martha Karua,” they added.

The survey shows that the ODM leader still has a commanding lead in Nyanza, Coast, Lower Eastern, Western, and Nairobi.

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  1. Kenyans are not worried or fools the statistics Kenya conducted are being cooked since 1997 the puppet Raila odinga and the clown Martha Karua to manipulate Kenyans to change there minds, you can fool people Sometimes but you can’t fool people all the time, the truth and reality is on the grounds Uhuru is the puppet master controlling his puppet raila odinga without forgetting the clown Martha karua thanks to internet shaping people lifestyles as we use it everyday for variety and most of it is about mind games but if you dig deeper it’s makes you wonder what’s the hell is going on with the government so confused and ignorant to face the reality,thanks to Twitter,Facebook and instagram you can imagine if kenyan government could have the ownership of this social media’s or control the internet they could have compromise all the computers and mobile phones attacking private email, documents of every citizen in Kenya accessing them freely just to satisfy there egos and freak people out with conspiracies which are real to keep people out from digging deeper to try to find things out but Kenyans could come down for a minute to open many Kenyans eyes and interestingly you will understand how corrupt sickening puppet master Uhuru government is since he took leadership and abandoning his Deputy William Ruto only to shake hands with a puppet raila oding with almost everything he does going to down to a turmoil.

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