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Thursday, June 23, 2022 – Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah’s State House journey is now unstoppable.

This is after a former competitor threw his weight behind his unconventional policies and rooted for his presidency.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, former Runyenjes MP, Njeru Kathangu, argued that Wajackoyah’s manifesto to legalise bhang and exploit snake farming was aimed at revolutionizing the country.

According to Kathangu, not all Kenyans would be required to smoke bhang as misconstrued in some quarters but proper research would be carried out to get beneficial use from the herb.

“Whether he is the President or not, he is not going to force people and say ‘you must smoke one bhang msokoto (roll) every day.”

“Look, research on it, find out what is good from it just like miraa and see what can be done that would benefit us,” he stated.

In snake farming, Kathangu argued that the sector was largely an untapped sector and that it would benefit the medical field while empowering Kenyans.

He noted that some rare snake species, especially the most venomous, were introduced in the country in 1955 while Kenya was still under the British colony.

“We have so many snakes, some of them introduced to this country by the white man when Embakasi was being constructed. It (the construction) was done by prisoners arrested from Meru, Embu and the central province.

“Those fellows were escaping through the forest. The Mzungus decided we don’t have to worry about chasing these fellows. The man in charge then was Jeremiah Kiereini, in 1955,” he added.

He opined that the commercialization of snakes was a decolonization process since most of the prisoners had been used to offer free labour during the construction of the country’s largest airport.

“The Mzungus went throughout the commonwealth to trap every venomous snake and they did that. They brought them in baskets. You know what Wajackoyah is saying is something to decolonise us. If you have got such snakes, why don’t you use them for profit?” he concluded.

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