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Tuesday, 28 June 2022 – Below is a long Facebook post by George Okoth, the man accused of stealing Ksh 65,000 from a lady identified as Eunice Anindo, defending himself against the accusations.

Sadness has taken the better part of me for over a day now especially after I had seen my name trending for the wrong reasons.

Back in 2020, this vileja left the vilej with only an idea and kes.30,000 at hand. I have since fought my way from having a local physical office at Chokaa along Kangundo road to having virtual offices in Nairobi’s posh environment. 

And as if that is not enough, I decided that I would expand my business to Eldoret and currently I am in Kisumu trying to analyse the market and do the same.

It is now obvious to me that my own ex-employee, the one I fired for violating the company’s rule has teamed up with my friends who are seemingly not happy with this progress I am making in a collective effort to tarnish my name simultaneously to my clients, my candidates and to the community at large. 

I am not going to be oddly quiet on the three accusations against me but I will respond to them one by one and I am going to start with the very first one, EUNICE ANINDO’S case.

Eunice Anindo approached me to help her establish her own security company and when forms C R1 to forms CR 8 were out, I decided to go to her place so that she could sign them and at the same time make payments for the process to continue. 

Everyone who has a company knows that to have a postal address for a limited company, one must pay kes.10,600 annually, to have name search and reservation done one must pay kes.150, and to have a company registration certificate one must pay kes.10,500 accumulating to kes.21,250 and on the same note, everyone who has a company knows that paperwork is always kes.43,000 to 100,000 depending on the firm you approach for assistance. 

Eunice was to pay me Kes.64,250 in total that night so that the next day I would continue with the process to completion. Eunice told me that she had a total of Kes.100,000 that night and that she could only afford kes.50,000 which she transferred to me with some additional amount on top. I later told her that that was not enough then she additionally added around kes.10,000 – 15,000 on the same number the same night. 

After explaining to her the whole process of how she was supposed to sign the documents and later send them to me in pdf form, I left her house at around 2 am so that I could go have enough sleep for my business the next day.

And because I am a struggler who believes in putting ideas to work, I have four distinct businesses and each business has its own Safaricom contact line.

My first Safaricom line is for my first bodaboda business where all day’s collections are sent every evening. 

My second Safaricom line is for my betting company.

My third Safaricom line is for my domestic staffing company.

Then my fourth Safaricom line is for my personal use, where friends and relatives would contact me through. 

Then I have a Telkom line that I use for its cheap mobile data packages and an Equitel line for my equity bank account transactions.

People who still live in the past still believe that having so many lines is suspicious but woke people know that it is just for individual businesses to have individual contact places to help the receiver distinguish calls.

My Samsung A50 only carries two lines at the same time so whenever I am managing my businesses alone, I have to switch to other lines even for hours. 

After leaving Eunice’s place, I switched to Equitel line so that I could transfer the money to my equity bank account remotely and because it was late in the night, I slept off.

Eunice Anindo would then contact me on my personal line and when she could not reach me, she decided to contact an ex-employee of my company with whom there is too much beef between us. To make matters worse, the ex-employee knows where I live, and instead of him leading Eunice to my place he decided to cook a story to suit his own greed and as a revenge to settle scores.

I will be presenting myself to the DCI Nairobi later on and at the same time, I will be gathering evidence for BRENDA’S accusations.

The whole story has taught me to always wait for the other side of the story whenever I see anyone being accused online.

I have also learnt that you build a lot of silent enemies as you step each ladder of progress in your life.

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