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Thursday, June 9, 2022 – A businesswoman from Nyeri County, who made headlines in 2007 for kicking out former Prime Minister Raila Odinga from her hotel has allowed him back.

Lucy Weru hit headlines in the run-up to the 2007 General Election when she forcibly ejected Raila from her hotel, Karatina Tourist Lodge, located in the Mathira constituency.

In the elections which culminated in chaos, Mwai Kibaki was seeking re-election and was facing stiff competition from the former premier. 

Weru was backing Kibaki’s presidency and one of her daughters is married to one of the sons of the now late president.

In 2021, Raila, while campaigning in Nyeri, recounted the incident but noted that he had forgiven her and they had agreed to share a cup of tea.

“There was a time I was kicked out of a hotel in Karatina but I forgave that lady. Now we have agreed that I will have a cup of tea at her home. 

“We want to see Kenyans more united than ever,” he added.

On her side, Weru said she does not have a personal grudge against Raila and as part of their reconciliation, the lady offered Raila an office space for Azimio campaigns in the same hotel that she flushed him out from 14 years ago.


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  1. This is good for the country. Leaders should be bringing communities together for economic growth. Ruto kazi yake ni kiburi na matusi mingi na kutundanganya na upuzi ya wheelbarrow. I have 2 wheel barrows at home and I don’t see how they are going to change anything. Ruto ashindwe kwa jina la Yesu.

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