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Wednesday, June 15, 2022 – Former Kakamega Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale was yesterday forced to run for his dear life after Senator Cleophas Malala and his supporters threatened to beat him for openly campaigning for Raila Odinga and his candidates in Kakamega.

The Kenya Kwanza team traversed the county on a vote hunting mission in Mundere and Mayoni ward in Matungu Constituency, where Khalwale publicly failed to endorse Malala’s gubernatorial bid and instead indirectly endorsed the candidature of ODM’s Fernandes Barasa.

Speaking at Mundere market, Khalwale drummed up support for his senate race but failed to publicly campaign for Cleophas Malala and instead urged voters to vote for whoever they wanted for the gubernatorial seat.

“I’m Khalwale. I want you to know that I, Khalwale, Malala, and Fernandes Barasa are your sons from Kakamega. All of us are seeking seats. Weigh us and pick whoever you want for any seat. Choose one who will care for you. Remember Khalwale is the best legislator in Kenya,” Khalwale said.

The remarks by the ‘Bullfighter’ were not well received by Kakamega gubernatorial candidate Cleophas Malala and his supporters.

Irked with Khalwale’s remarks, the young politician immediately took to the stage, questioning what the former legislator had said, adding that he was confused.

“What is he telling us? Is he confused? He needs to know this is my bedroom and I will be the next governor of Kakamega,” Malala said as his supporters started chanting “Khalwale must go.”

As the commotion spread, the former legislator was forced to seek refuge in one of Senator Malala’s car as he drove off.

It did not end there as irate youths who are allied to Malala heckled and jeered him, as some of them even pelted the vehicle with stones as it sped away.


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