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Thursday, June 23, 2022 – Former Kiambu Governor and Tujibebe Wakenya Party Leader, William Kabogo, has revealed intricate details of his meetings with President Uhuru Kenyatta that saw him branded a mole within the Kenya Kwanza camp. 

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Kabogo refuted claims that he was working for Azimio, noting that he would reconsider various options before joining another coalition other than Kenya Kwanza. 

He pointed out that his talks with Uhuru revolved around his political future as well as recalling the 2017 Jubilee party nominations when he was edged out in favor of impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Kabogo alluded that the Head of State pointed fingers at his Deputy, William Ruto, who was in charge of the nominations.

However, while holding conversations with Ruto, the DP alleged that he acted under instructions from President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

This comes even as Kenya Kwanza, led by Ruto and his running mate Rigathi Gachagua, seems to have cut links with Kabogo, going by what happened to him and Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria last week in Rigathi Gachagua’s rally in Kiambu.

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  1. Go sale midarati from the family you married from – that the genesis of your moneys.

    Leave Kenya Kwanza alone and respect the wishes of you region voters: they’ve rejected you and it has nothing to do with the DP but blame yourself.

    Don’t go to local tv and radio station to propagate your foolishness and blame it on the DP. It’s you midarati and Mercy killing that has made voter to dislike and reject you in equal measure and now being used by the azimion la midarati/wachawi/wezi to soil the DP and Kenya kwanza on cheap fallacies that has no truth.

    You can join the azimio la mashetani if you want and pitch their demons manifesto to all it’s zombies and whores by choice.

  2. Hahaha….why the anger, just as your losing side Udaku or is it Kenya Kwicha….. Anyway,just look at the character of your so called presidential candidate….i mean you dont have. Kindly be reminded that you are still far with lots of lessons to learn before you reach where you think you have reached. As far as politics is concerned, your candidate has just began his journey for any top seat,but already hes collapsing under the weight of anxiety which is informed by lack of wisdom and arrogance. Akways being cry baby mara Uhuru gas one vote…ooh he should not support the enemy, mara there is no deep state..ooh the deep state is planning to steal my votes…. mara he can win even if a brother is the chairman IEBC…ooh some votes are disappearing….mara God is on my side….ooh they are frustrating mie….blur blur blur….. in short i am saying that this is the political conemanship, for instance mara Kenya Kwisha Alliance …ooh Udaku presidential candidate. The sad thing is that the followers dont have the capacity to realize, they are simply conned , yet they are reminded by their master that Kenya has shortage of fools…. is it???

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