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Monday, June 13, 2022 – A vocal Jubilee Party Member of Parliament has admitted that 95 percent of the Mt Kenya region is behind Deputy President William Ruto.

In an interview with Inooro TV on Monday morning, Kiambu Town Member of Parliament Jude Njomo said though he has been supporting Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in August, he is not sellable in the Mt Kenya region.

Njomo said Ruto has taken over the mountain and he has no option but to campaign for him in August.

“Things are also becoming tougher on my side, especially with my political position and this is forcing me to start singing the same songs which my supporters sing each and every day.”

Jude Njomo said that they have been using different political mechanisms to sell Raila Odinga’s Agenda into the larger Mount Kenya region, but for God’s sake things are not working.

He urged President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to accept the final results from the Mount Kenya region since the residents have already decided it’s William Ruto or never.


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  1. The imbecile odm with its PEV scheme should not be elected by anybody in kenya on 9th August 2022 election.

    Fellow mankind! You’ve seen the light and reality on the ground.

    Upright citizens voters and none voters don’t vote for a witch(mchawi) – it will vampire offering to it’s legions of demons everyday and it has been happening every elections – the imbecile should vampire itself and face the reality in abyss.

    The man is full of shit and not my vote!

  2. Kenyans are tired with puppet Master Uhuru Kenyatta, puppet Raila odinga and last but not list the clown Martha Karua, let it be a weak-up call to Kenyan Governors,Mca’s,Mp’s and women rep’s you have taken poor Kenyans citizens who vote for you as fools for a very long time,looting counties billions of money when you step in the offices to satisfy your needs,fat bellies,harlots and flying abroad for nothing and giving out scholarships for the rich and ignoring the poor this time round it won’t be a walk in the park using taxpayers money for your own benefits while the puppet master doing nothing by bringing all of them to book who loot and miss use public money the puppet master has failed the common citizens only to dine with corrupt,rich tycoons and drug cartels instead of finding solutions to lift them up, especially many governs have no positive History to show what they have only corruption and sleeping with harlots is there daily routine for this governors,Kenyans are tired and this time things are very serious as long as the internet is on we shall get every information in every Corner nothing will never be left unturned thanks for technology the only people who can be scared are leaders with there corrupt institutions.

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