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Monday, June 13, 2022 – The controversy surrounding Johnson Sakaja’s degree might prove to be costly to the Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer, William Ruto.

According to statistics, Nairobi County is the richest among the 47 Counties and every presidential candidate will cherish to have control over the capital through a Governor sponsored by his party.

Kenya Kwanza alliance settled on Johnson Sakaja as their gubernatorial candidate for the top city seat.

But revelations that the Senator, a close ally of the Deputy President used fake academic papers to seek clearance from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) might see him locked out of the gubernatorial race.

A petition has since been filed asking the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to bar the Senator from the gubernatorial race.

Dennis Gakuu Wahome, who is a voter in Nairobi, wants the Senator barred from contesting for failing to meet the requirement that a gubernatorial aspirant must have a degree.

In a case filed at the IEBC Disputes Resolutions Committee, Wahome said the Senator, while filling the nomination Jubilee form in 2017, wrote that he graduated from the University of Nairobi.

“The respondent has demonstrated fraud and forgeries that have the potential to erode the public confidence in and diminish the integrity of qualifications in Uganda and Kenyan degrees both regionally as well as globally,” said Wahome in his affidavit.

On Monday last week, Sakaja was cleared by IEBC after he presented papers from Team University a Ugandan institution which indicated that he graduated in 2016.

However, new information indicates that the Senator’s name is missing from a booklet for graduates for that particular year.

To add salt to injury, Sakaja  claimed in 2020 that he has never pursued education outside the country.

If the IEBC Disputes Resolutions Committee agrees with the petitioner, then DP Ruto will be left with no gubernatorial candidate in Nairobi.

Currently, Sakaja is battling it out with Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party candidate, Polycarp Igathe.

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  1. We really appreciate as Kenyans because the last video he posted in Dubai it shows how the young fellow behaves emature at 30’s he is and he has the resemblance of mike sonko mbuvi,like wise we need as Kenyans to dig deeper of Igathe the son of late corrupt Chris kirubi it doesn’t mature if it’s true or lies, we are not interested what we believe as Kenyans his father was a horrible corrupt man who killed Uchumi and other an named sectors to build his wealth stealing from poor Kenyans forgetting God see all the evil is in every human many rich kids who spend millions of money in clubs belongs to every poor son and daughter at the county level and slums of Nairobi who have no access of fresh water and healthy foods if the government was vigilant and serious every jobless youth above 28 years could be paid 35,000 Kenyan shilling loan every month and after he gets a job the the government could get the money back as long as he or she is working full time job but since we have puppet master leaders,clowns and puppets they don’t give a shit of there citizens as long as there fat bellies are full and there families enjoy with silver spoons with harlots surrounding them with luxury that’s why in Kenya we have so many thieves without any explanation how,where and when he or she got the wealth, if you’re a Kenyan and you don’t spread the truth and speak the truth then you’re corrupt as this useless fellows.

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