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Friday, June 24, 2022 – Azimio gubernatorial candidate for Nairobi, Polycarp Igathe, has pledged to radically transform the county by removing it from the hands of cartels.

Speaking during a meeting with Kenya Private Sector Alliance officials yesterday, Igathe sensationally claimed that 45 Members of the Nairobi County Assembly have been held hostage by 3 businessmen of Somali origin.

“Nairobi has 45 MCA’s, I can tell you I like to speak mother tongue because this is politics, this 45 Kikuyu MCA’s are controlled by three Somalis, that is a fact,” Igathe said.

“There is capture and the capture is too serious, even yesterday they were doing things that are illegal and illicit. Now you wonder my tribesmen, this money what are we going to do with it,” Igathe said.

Igathe, who evidently, looked annoyed by his tribesmen, alleged that the MCA’s in question have been influencing the payment of invoices to the three Somali businessmen at the expense of the important services.

“We have a few people who have become too greedy, if you go to the county now, the invoices are only being to a few people from one community yet salaries are not being paid,” he added.

However, sentiments by Igathe attracted a lot of criticism from a section of Somali leaders who accused him of playing tribal cards.

Since the time of Evans Kidero to the tenure of Mike Sonko, there have always been claims that Nairobi County is under the capture of cartels who hamper the delivery of services.

The faceless group which influences the key decisions of the county has always remained unknown even as residents continue to suffer as a result of poor services.

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