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Monday, June 13, 2022 – In February, all civil servants eying elective seats in the August 9, General Elections were asked to resign.

In a notice, issued by the Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, the President directed those with political ambitions to vacate their offices before February 8th.

According to the Kenyan Constitution 2010, all Government officers who are eyeing elective seats are to vacate office six months before the election which was on or before February 9.However, some of those who resigned could not even secure tickets to contest in the forthcoming polls even after having splashed millions of their hard-earned money in the campaigns.

Some of those who resigned from their lucrative positions to try their luck in politics but failed to clinch nomination tickets include former Water CS Sicily Kariuki.

Kariuki resigned in February 2021, and reigned to seek Nyandarua gubernatorial seat but could not secure the Jubilee Party ticket.This was after the ruling outfit issued a direct ticket to her bitter rival, Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia.

It is the same case for her Devolution counterpart, Charles Keter, who resigned to run for the Kericho Governor seat but could not secure a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

Walter Mong’are resigned as the Director of Youth and Development in the Office of the President to run for the Presidency but was knocked out by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for not meeting the required threshold.

Former Tourism CAS, Joseph Boinnet, and former CAS, Ken Obura, were among those who left Government jobs for elective seats but lost in the primaries.Others who resigned and could not make it to the ballot include John Mosonik, Kiema Kilonzo, Julius Malombe, Odoyo Owidi, and Isaiah Ogwe.

Some public servants who failed to reach the ballot are now blaming their parties for scheming their downfall during the nominations through the issuance of direct tickets as well as what they term as ‘Shambolic’ party nominations.

Majority of them said that the requirement for State officers to resign six months before the polls is discriminatory since they are running against sitting leaders, who continue to enjoy the trappings of their offices.

They argued that the requirement should only take effect after primaries are concluded to allow losers to continue with their State jobs.

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  1. Most of civil servants have looted government sectors and institutions after they are voted in ones again as governor’s,mca’s,mp’s and women rep’s they will loot billions of money from counties and they won’t assist a common mwananchi at the counties level to build schools,hospitals and training institutions all they will thinking are their families,relatives, bellies and harlots fly abroad and coming back with nothing I advice Kenyans at the county level to be vigilant open minded and be careful voting corrupt,drug cartels and harlots in there counties, we all need change and change won’t come without voting out corrupt civil servants who steal from the same government in a were public institutions and expect to be voted in by the citizens and loot billions of money and escape free,if the government can’t do it we are ready to do it if we unite and vote out this selfish leaders with there evil plans.

  2. Many civil servants own guns to protect their wealth, looted money they have acquired from shady deals they are with in the community,in the villages and government itself, sometimes you wonder as a civil servant why should a civil servants carry a dangerous weapon at work yet you are working for the government with in the government, most of this civil servants are from education, agriculture,health sectors and security sectors and the same government is covering corrupt people within the government and you wonder how will corruption end yet the same puppet master has no records on this individuals, the government had to do a lot of digging they want to stop corruption and all weapons should remain in security government before and individual is vetted to handle the weapons it’s only a simple mathematics and how the civil servants acquired there wealth.

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