Has King Kaka Fully Recovered From His Illness?

It has been a long and hard road for Kenyan rapper King Kaka as he battled an unknown illness, having been diagnosed with various different health conditions, ranging from the moderately severe to the potentially terminal.

Obviously, fans of the rapper were devastated to hear that he was suffering and could even lose his life. In this article, we will take a look at King Kaka’s medical journey, whether he’s fully recovered, and find out how he is doing today.

Who is King Kaka?

KingKaka, real name Kennedy Ombima, is a Kenyan rapper who first shot to fame in 2008 with his debut album ‘Tales of Kaka Sungura’. He has since gone on to collaborate with Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone and establish himself as one of the most popular rappers in Kenya.

With a following of almost 2 million on his socials and a string of hit records, it’s very unlikely you’ve not heard of King Kaka!

King Kaka and his Illness

In 2021, King Kaka was diagnosed with an unknown illness which led to him being hospitalized for over three months, with the rapper spending most of his time in bed not being able to do anything. Of course, this affected his ability to record and release music, as well as interact with his fanbase.

What was most frightening about the whole experience is that the doctors couldn’t agree on what was wrong with him. He had different experts all diagnosing and misdiagnosing him with a whole host of conditions.

During this period, King Kaka was diagnosed with various different illnesses, including ulcers, anemia, pneumonia, and most concerningly, cancer.

He lost 33 kilos and everyone thought that he wasn’t going to make it. It was a scary time for his family and loved ones as doctors told him that he only had 4 weeks to live.

There were also concerns about his lungs as X-rays indicated that he had 2 cavities on them, which were affecting his ability to breathe and transport oxygen around the body.

Has King Kaka Now Recovered?

King Kaka has kept his cards close to his chest about the mysterious illness that shook up his world last year. After a period of rest and recuperation, he said he was, ‘Not yet out of the woods’, but he was no longer on death’s door like before.

King Kaka released a song called ‘Manifest’ in October 2021 where he detailed some of his thoughts and feelings about his illness. He collaborated with Nviiri The Storyteller to produce a track that’s heavily emotive and evocative, with the music video showing clips of him in the hospital taken by his wife Nana Owiti.

It seems from all accounts that King Kaka is definitely on the road to recovery and getting back to what he does best, which is recording music and living life to the full.

He’s been seen recently celebrating his 11th anniversary with Nana, as well as telling his story at the launch of Canon Africa. Whether King Kaka will disclose more about his mysterious illness still remains to be seen; however, it does thankfully appear that his health is back on track.

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