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Wednesday, June 1, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto is allegedly in tears after it emerged that Azimio candidate Raila Odinga will beat him hands down in the August presidential contest.

According to Interior PS Karanja Kibicho, National Intelligence Service (NIS) data shows that Raila will beat Ruto in round one by over 60% of the votes cast in August.

Speaking during an interview, Kibicho revealed that data in their possession shows Ruto is trailing badly.

Kibicho’s sentiments came two days after ICT CS Joe Mucheru said Raila is poised for a round one victory.

“We will not require a round two vote… All indicators are that he will take it in round One. The data we have, the opinion polls available and many other factors point to that reality,” Mucheru said on Sunday during an interview.

According to Kibicho, Mucheru’s sentiments are a true reflection of what the intelligence data shows.

He noted that they have detailed information about the political situation across the country.

At the same time, Kibicho took a swipe at the Kenya Kwanza Alliance led by Ruto, saying they are fond of making too much “noise” but they have no support on the ground.

“I am in touch with every village in this country through our national government administration network. We feel the temperatures of this country including the political one.”

This comes in the backdrop of opinion polls showing Ruto slightly ahead of Raila in the Presidential race.


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  1. Kenyans are not stupid no matter how the dynasties, tycoons and government puppets are busy to satisfy there bellies, families and fatten their pockets, accounts with billions we simply don’t care what the useless NIS are cooking the bottom line is come to the ground and you will face the truth,Kenyans are bitter and patient enough with useless agenda of Uhuru government with a puppet and a whore single mother, the government fears the truth and to all knowledge seekers uhuru government is the worst.

  2. Mungiki and ODM vampire fraudsters,

    Almighty GOD! Let the whole of the Kenyan citizen never vote for the party this wicked man support for the next president of Kenya. Let all voter not to vote for Azimio presidential candidate. Free our nation from these useless children of the devil with there demons, We bind them ans cast them forever and even to the bottom pit for good. In JESUS NAME e pray and receive with thanks and GOD be Glorified. Amen and Amen.

    • AZIMIO is the next Kenyan government.. Nothing can’t change that fact and even God can’t allow it to be changed

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