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Thursday, June 30, 2022 – Ghislaine Maxwell is set to be under constant surveillance in her new prison due to safety concerns after she was sentenced to 20 years behind bars on Tuesday, June 28.

The convicted sex trafficker, 60, is likely to serve her sentence at the low-security Danbury, Connecticut, a federal prison that inspired Orange Is The New Black.

As a high-profile sex offender, the British socialite could be a likely target in the prison known as ‘Club Fed’ for its cushy programs for inmates.

Maxwell’s legal team claimed a fellow prisoner was previously offered money to strangle her in her sleep in Brooklyn and there were also fears she could be shot dead by a sniper.

On top of the potential violence from other inmates, she was also placed on suicide watch out of concerns she would follow her former lover Jeffrey Epstein in killing herself in prison.

Sarah Krissoff, a white-collar crime partner at Day Pitney, told the MailOnline: ‘There is no doubt that Maxwell dealt with challenging conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center, particularly in light of the fact that she was imprisoned during Covid.

‘Now that she is sentenced, she will be transferred to a facility for sentenced inmates.

‘Those facilities are much better equipped to handle inmates who are incarcerated for long periods of time and offer a wider array of services, such as educational and recreational programming and more extensive medical and mental health services.

‘The Bureau of Prisons generally designates defendants who are convicted of sex-relates crimes, or crimes against children, to a few facilities that are experienced in handling those types of inmates, so I expect they will be able to handle the safety concerns.’

The lawyer added: ‘Maxwell’s lawyers have repeatedly indicated that she is not a suicide risk, and it generally isn’t feasible to have someone on suicide watch for an extended period of time.’

Maxwell reported that jail staff in Brooklyn had threatened her safety, prompting employees to place her on suicide watch, prosecutors had said.

In court filings on Saturday before her sentencing, Maxwell’s lawyers said she was placed on suicide watch at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) and asked for a delay to her sentencing. 

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