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Gaming Trends in Kenya 

Gaming has moved past being labelled a hobby for whiling away time or something meant only for kids. The revenue generated by this activity is enough to prove that the gaming industry is a big deal.

It’s a delight to see that Africa has embraced this innovative opportunity, with Kenya getting recognised as one of the most significant African contributors to the gaming industry. From playing casino games online at top sites like GameMania to developing eSports titles, here is how gaming is being revolutionised in Kenya. 

Gaming in Kenya — Opportunities and Challenges

Kenya has the potential to elevate eSports and build a solid career for Kenyans in the gaming industry. Many Kenyans have discovered the opportunity in gaming and have started to tap from the wealth. 

In a country where employment is a painful process, youths invest in gaming and make a name of it—a beautiful thing to see. In 2019, Kenya emerged as the 5th most popular gaming hub in Africa. 

The sector has grown considerably and has produced gamers in the industry that are globally recognised. Popular Kenyan gamers like Sylvia Gathoni, aka Queen Arrow and Brian’  Beast’ Diang’a, are on the lips of many because of their skills and what they stand for.

Queen Arrow was the first female in East Africa to be sponsored by a global band. She joined Kenya’s “Tekken 7” group in 2017 and now makes a decent living from gaming. 


The gaming challenges that pro-gamers face are electricity outages, lack of standard pro-gaming equipment because of expenses, and unstable internet connection. 

The youths of the gaming industry in Kenya are zealous, but zeal can only take you so far. Wekesa says, “A lack of corporate sponsorship worsens the struggles of upcoming and potential pro-gamers.” Things might take a brighter look in the future.

The Future of Gaming in Kenya

1. Social gaming

Human connection tends to make things more substantial. Social gaming aims to infuse human connection into the virtual unreal world. Even though already adopted, chatting facilities, multiplayer options, live communication and video are the future of gaming.

2. User-generated content

The gaming industry is adopting reboots and re-imaginings, and this trend is expected to continue in years to come. A Series of gamers’ favourite classics will be revamped and relaunched to augment the thrill of gaming.

Developers get to work on classics and successful original games to add improved modern graphics that will transform the whole experience, input mechanics, sounds, and other modern features to add a vibrant touch and revamp the entire game for a relaunch to a modern audience. 

Two successful relaunched games are Resident Evil and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. The success of these relaunched games could motivate other developers to bring more repurposed classics now and in the future. 

 3. Introducing extended reality

Indeed, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are prevalent in gaming. However, a mind grabbing medium of reality-bending technology, extended reality (XR), is creating an exciting future for gaming in Kenya, as well as in the rest of the world. 

XR combines your surroundings and the creation of new elements to offer deep immersion into a virtual world created from nothing. There have been successful XR games in recent times. The likes of Star Wars: Squadron and No Man’s Sky are products of XR. We should expect more of these kinds this year and in the future. 

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