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Thursday, June 23, 2022 – Samuel Ondieki alias Sammy Boy Kenya has been flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media, leaving Kenyans questioning the source of his wealth.

He drives high-end cars, which he openly flaunts online.

The flamboyant Kisii youngster claims that he is a guru in Forex Trading but according to social media reports, he is a fraudster.

Sammy Boy reportedly sells fake trading bots to gullible Kenyans online and he seems to be making a killing.

His fake trading bots go for between $100(Ksh 10,000) to $ 200( Ksh 20,000).

He easily lures gullible Kenyans because of the lavish lifestyle he displays on social media.

Edgar Obare recently put him on the spot and countless Kenyans confessed that they have been victims of his con games.

Below are photos of his lavish lifestyle.

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  1. Stop looking for clout with this stupid blogs you write about people, what the fuck are you said,if you cant get clean content about someone stop this nonsense, bring someone who you claim has been conned and stop being stupid,kwani mnataka watu tuishi kwa shimo ndio mjue tuko sawa.. mbwa

  2. I have been following this guy for some time now.he makes genuine money.if he has conned you go and report to the nearest police station.those of us who want to make money let’s just follow him and learn

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