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Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – Garissa Township MP, Aden Duale, has opened up on what led President Uhuru Kenyatta to drop him as National Assembly Majority Leader.

Speaking during an interview, Duale disclosed that he had been friends with both Uhuru and his Deputy, William Ruto before he was put in a tight spot to choose between the president and the DP.

Initially, Duale noted that Uhuru had assured him of his support for Ruto’s presidency but he later demanded answers after the fallout became public.

According to Duale, he chose Ruto over Uhuru but the president was not amused by his choice.

“The President said, ‘You have a split loyalty. Today you have to decide between me and the DP. I had only two words. I said I am a Muslim and I became the leader of the Majority courtesy of URP as a founder member. Two, all of Ruto’s political life, has done good deeds for me and my family. I said as a Muslim, I cannot be part and parcel of a group that coalesces around you that wants to humiliate the office of the DP,” stated Duale.

Besides, some powerful individuals advised Uhuru to oust Duale from the powerful House leadership position for supporting Ruto.

“For the first time, Uhuru said, ‘You know Hon Duale you are my best friend, You have delivered on your mandate. You are one of the top leaders I respect in the country.’ But the people around me are saying that you have a split loyalty. He went further and said, ‘You know people in my inner circle are saying even if you remove all these chairs (in Parliament), you have not cleared William Ruto, the big snake is still in the house and that is Duale.’ That was the time I opposed BBI,” he stated.

Soon after, Duale offered to relinquish his seat and advised his successor Amos Kimunya to ensure that he has direct access to the President on an hourly basis.

“I told him ‘Mr. President, you are my best friend, let me go. I am ready to relinquish myself as the leader of the majority. Look for somebody else,” he explained.

Duale was kicked out as majority leader in June 2020, in a de-whipping exercise that saw Uhuru axe all politicians allied to his deputy.

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