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Monday, 27 June 2022 – Alchemist bar is once again on the spot after bouncers were caught on camera physically assaulting a lady.

The helpless lady is seen in the video being dragged on the ground at the entrance as other revellers watch.

A tweep who recorded the video on Saturday night said the bouncers also roughed her up demanding that she deletes the footage.

“When you see how these Alchemist bouncers manhandled this woman last night you understand why we need to #ShutDownAlchemist. I don’t know what the altercation was about, but you can see the bouncers trying to physically restrain the woman, dragging her, attempting to carry her, and finally leaving her.

“There’s no reason that would justify treating someone like that, especially because I highly doubt a similar thing would have happened had she been a man or white,” a lady who witnessed the incident wrote on Twitter.

“However, the bouncers didn’t stop there. At the end of the video, you can see some people realizing that I’ve been filming. In the moments after, two bouncers came upstairs and demanded that I delete the video. I refused and I asked if I could leave but they stood in front of me, and one of them tried to grab my arm. I told them not to touch me and that I wanted to leave. They stood in front of me and said they would get the manager first,” she added.

Below is a video of the incident.

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