By National Police Service.

We all go out to hotels and other social outlets for a meal, drink or simply to relax and enjoy ourselves.

In this mix, we interact with family, friends, acquaintances, or simply strangers. And in these interactions, we feel relaxed, and let our guards down yet in reality we are at our most vulnerable at the hands of strangers.

This is when vigilant and caring service staff, especially waiters and security guards matters.

 These unappreciated staff know more than revellers do. They pick out odd behaviors, that when shared in good time, can save life and property.

Yesterday evening, in a social club near Madaraka Estate, as one client was enjoying himself with strangers at his table, one warm-hearted waitress felt something was amiss, and scribbled a quick note which she secretly passed over to the unsuspecting customer.

He promptly took heed and left the club to safety.

Who knows what could have happened next! To the loving, caring, and responsible waitress, a rose for you, please!

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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