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Peter Mumbiko King’ori the Young Presidential Candidate who hails from Munyaka Area, Ngobit Ward, Laikipia East Constituency, Laikipia County is a Final Year PhD student at UON, Has MBA Finance, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, CPA (K), BCOM Accounts and Certificate in Computer Studies.

I vied as an independent Candidate after having serious challenges being considered by any political party as they considered me not popular and as well not able to sponsor party operations irrespective of my great vision for the country. I thus made a decision not to be a slave of the political parties which proved vehicles for the highest bidders,

My Logo is a mountain which in my mother tongue is called KIRI(WITH)-MA(TRUTH), the idea to use a mountain came from my resolve to bring truth and sincerity in the game and demystify the Presidency as I cure the Debt, Unemployment, Mental Economic Poverty and the Corruption Cancer towards Building a Prosperous Industrialized Middle Income Country through Tech, Talent, Innovation and Manufacturing Economy bolstering.

A debt management council  is what we need to curb duplication of roles in Government, reverse the 20% Development 80%  recurrent matrix while cutting tea, newspaper and other nonessential expenditure budget in Government while optimizing use of Government resources and leasing out the extras eg. Land and Budlings to raise funds towards the Debt and Development of our great Country Kenya.

“My Presidency is a sure bet on no theft and peace as my Accounts can’t handle even a million of stolen or unexplained money without being noted and as well no violent contest on my win or loss.” I will also keep my promises given I have a possibly long future in Kenya as I pray God to grant thus have a name and future to protect.

My Presidency brings on board Hope for the many unemployed youths of this country, our Parents and definitely the younger ones that thy can live upto something. Hope is definitely most critical and important especially now as it’s an awakening dream that I personally led the way by daring to live my dream which was encrypted in my mind and books back in 2007 while I was in form 2 at St. Augustine Sirrima Secondary School and vividly remembered as my keynote quote in my farewell book in 2009 as I left the school.  I have also dared to live my dream in the know that the worst regret is that of a man who goes to the grave with his dreams, Ideas and Vision.

My journey is also one to break age old stereotypes that the country has a shortage of capable and competent young people to steer it into a global economic powerhouse. Indeed, as will be unveiled soon by Myself(31yrs) and my Lady Running mate (30yrs), “YES YOUTH CAN” and #The5thNiKijana!

My government will be all Inclusive, Efficient and Transformative by bringing together great Kenyan minds of all times, together towards steering this country forward.” My lean cabinet of the likes of Eliud Kipchoge in Sport, Mwenda Makathimo in Lands among others as will be unveiled soon is the cur this country has been yearning for towards ending Poverty and Hunger.

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