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Having collected all sorts of awards, having been on most gaming PCs, passed along and across by many fans of computer entertainment, Diablo still has not lost its fan base. Let’s look at the king of hack-n-slash from a new, slightly unusual angle.

Everyone who, for some reason, has not seen Diablo II or newer Diablo 3, when they get acquainted with this game, experience a slight shock from the news that the official servers are still willing to fight in the fantasy expanses of the five acts of the game and its clones that you can see on Game Karma, attract many players. So what is the popularity?

Components of success

Diablo series is not an MMOG in the classic sense of the term – Massively Multiplayer Online Game. The keyword “massively” falls out of it, that is, “global”. So called only games in which hundreds or even thousands of players can be present at the same time. As for Diablo, the maximum possible party here is 8 characters.

Why are we comparing these by no means hits from Blizzard with the best MMORPGs, where there are full 3D, densely populated locations, and even entire cities and castles? It’s simple: a fairly large legacy, variability in character development, a gloomy and at the same time interesting world, and a huge community.

As a result, the solid age of Diablo series ceases to be decisive: in combination with services, we get products that are quite viable even by today’s standards and meet the requirements of the most demanding gamers. And ordinary graphics … well, the graphic is not the main characteristic. 

Some additional components of success

In addition to it, there are several more elements from which you can assemble both a bewitching masterpiece and a one-day craft. Let’s list them all:

● a variety of leveling options for each character class, of which at least a few are viable;

● a pronounced combat system of each class, significantly different from the others;

● rich game world, support for clans and guilds;

● developed and balanced PvE and PvP modes;

● convenient and easily customizable interface;

● almost all bugs have been fixed and the balance has been corrected more than once. 

Gameplay is what all gamers are looking for

Of course, the gameplay itself also plays a role. Diablo is famous for its whirlwind action, which, however, is not so easy to achieve. If the hero is developed, as they say, at random, at the highest level of hell difficulty, an unenviable fate awaits him: slow passage “from corner to corner”, cowardly battles with single monsters and death at every turn.

If the pumping is competent, and the equipment corresponds to the level of the ward, then even in the most difficult conditions, he will, in the literal sense of the word, demolish all living things (and all undead) on his way. Diablo is one of the few games where proper character development is rewarded so explicitly and so generously. It is thanks to such a combination of characteristics that Diablo won the love of players around the world.

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