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Thursday, 26 May 2022 – A teacher was filmed violently beating a student for dozing off during class.

The high school student, who has only been identified by the surname Liu, was grabbed by the hair and his head was banged on the table repeatedly before the teacher dragged him out to the front of the classroom.

The teacher, identified only as Mr Ma, then forced him to stand at the front of the classroom while other students watched.

Mr Ma then pushed the student onto the floor and stamped on his back.

The student was taken to a hospital for a body check in Zhaotong city of Yunnan province, southwestern China.

The video, which was filmed on May 10, was confirmed by Ludian County government after an investigation at Ludian County No.2 Secondary School.

A Ludian County government official said in a statement: “The video of a school teacher beating students in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, has gone viral on the internet.

“The video reflects the content is true, on May 10, 2022, occurred in the second secondary school in Ludian County.

“After the incident, Ludian County Bureau of Education and Sports quickly sent the student, surnamed Liu, to the county people’s hospital for a full-body physical examination.

“No injuries have been reported in the initial checkup, the student has been sent to school for classes.”

The student later told the Chinese media: “After seeing me dozing off, the teacher came over and hit me.

“Our other teachers usually tell a sleeping student to stand up and listen to the lesson, but our headteacher was rather grumpy.”

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave.

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