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Friday, 06 May 2022 – City lawyer Soyinka Lempaa has revealed how nominated Member of Parliament, David Sankok, made the life of his driver a living hell when he took him to court for firing him without following the right procedure.

Lempaa, through a Facebook post, narrated how Sankok conspired with rogue police officers to harass the poor driver and trump up charges against him.

Read the full Facebook post by the lawyer.

In 2019, nominated MP David Sankok sacked his driver, the driver came to us, we sued Sankok for him. The court ordered Sankok to pay his former driver some money .

Sankok was quite mad with the orders of the court but he could do nothing. Indeed at one time, him and Michael Sialai were ordered to appear in court to explain why they could not comply with the order to pay the money 

Frustrated on all these, Sankok went to Narok Police Station and in collaboration with some corrupt police officer tried to manipulate the occurrence book to fit and fix an imaginary past crime by the driver ..

The driver was picked up by police officers one Saturday from Narok . He was driven overnight to Nairobi . He was locked up for the whole night in dingy cells of Parliament Police Station under Sankok instructions. 

I went to the police station on the following Sunday and rescued the driver. Sankok hired three advocates including presidential candidate Wajakoyah to argue before a magistrate that the driver be denied bail and stay in remand throughout the hearing of the. criminal case. I fought them off. Festus Muia can remember this . 

The case against the driver comes up for hearing next week on 12/05/2022.

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