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Thursday, May 12, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto has challenged the church to step up and take sides ahead of the August 9 General Election.

Speaking at the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya National Convention 2022, held at Nairobi Baptist Church, Ruto called on the church to declare its political stand given that governance was a collective responsibility for all Kenyans.

He explained that the church had been tasked with providing the moral compass for the masses and should use its influence to ensure that the right leaders are elected.

“The influence of the religious institutions is very important and they must have a stake in the Republic of Kenya. I am happy that it has begun to realize that they can no longer remain neutral. The church must take sides.

“Religion and education must be centralized in making sure that we are a country that has a moral compass. The church must step forward, they cannot continue to be in a neutral place. It has the opportunity to install a government instead of waiting for others to come and install it for you,” he added.

DP Ruto added that many a time, the church has issues with the government and how the state is run but shies away from sharing its opinion.

He called on the religious leaders to join him in forming the next government or suffer at the hands of dictators and poor leaders who do not even pay tithe and give offerings.

“The punishment of those who do not vote or who do not get involved in matters politics is to be ruled by the foolish,” he stated.

The DP recounted how he had been persecuted for taking sides and maintaining his beliefs, citing his opponents poking holes into his generous donations to churches.

This comes even as his opponent Raila Odinga asked religious leaders to keep off politics.

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