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Friday, May 13, 2022 – ODM Leader Raila Odinga left Kilifi residents in stitches with his funny comments on Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa’s behind.

Addressing residents yesterday, Raila stated that he was not pleased with Aisha Jumwa’s recent character of shaking her bum just to impress voters on behalf of Deputy President William Ruto instead of focusing on issues affecting her constituents.

“Sasa amaeanza kuongea, kila mara anaonyesha watu kiuno, ati sasa anaringa ati ako na kiuno safi sana, kiuno hio mimi sijagusa, kiuno hio mimi sina haja nayo (She talks much, boasting around in high waist. I am not interested with her waist),” Raila said.

Raila further recounted how he helped the legislator to climb the political ladder to where she currently is.

But despite helping Jumwa to climb the political ladder, she has turned her back on him.

“Yule Mama, mnajua vile mimi nlimchukua nikambeba mpaka nikamuweka pale aliko sasa. Alikuwa mchafu chafu nikamsafisha mpaka akawa pale (You know how I picked her when she was nothing and through ODM, she rose to become someone respected)” Raila said.

Odinga stated that he felt betrayed by Jumwa and Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, who recently dumped him for Ruto, and asked the residents of Kilifi to punish the two leaders in the August elections by voting them out.

“She is now with our enemy dancing and showing off her waist. I do not want anything with the waist but make sure you punish her for turning against ODM,” Raila said.

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