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Sunday, May 8, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto’s wife, Rachel, may have just lost the only credibility she had left ever since her husband joined the ‘dirty’ politics.

This is after Atheists in Kenya doubted her miracle claims, saying she is taking Kenyas for fools.

They rubbished Rachel’s claims that she prayed for a dirty water hole in Karen and miraculously turned clean (purified).

Through a statement released on Saturday, the Atheists Society in Kenya, through its President Harrison Mumia, said William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto was either lying or had mistaken the borehole water.

According to the Kenyan Atheists, miracles never happen and don’t exist.

They challenged Ruto’s wife to move across the country and prove her miracle by cleaning all dirty boreholes.

Atheists, who never believe in the existence of God, said her miracles should be scientifically proven, failure to which she should stop misleading Kenyans into believing that miracles actually happen.

“Rachel Ruto is either lying or mistaken. The fact that she says a miracle happened does not make it true. If Rachel Ruto wants Kenyans to believe her claim, she should replicate the same miracle in many other dirty boreholes across the country, and purify the water within them in a scientifically verifiable manner.

“Otherwise, she should desist from hoodwinking the public into believing that miracles are genuine” part of the statement.

Atheists claimed that miracles are impossible under the laws of science that they believe in.

Rachel claimed she miraculously prayed for Karen’s dirty borehole and it was purified.

She was speaking during a prayer session with clergy from the evangelical Churches at their Karen residence in Nairobi.

Her remarks have since created a wider online debate with a section of Kenyans lauding God for the miracles with others posing hard questions about the miracle.

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