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Thursday, May 26, 2022 — Azimio presidential contender Raila Odinga has all the reasons to be worried ahead of the August polls.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta assured Deputy President William Ruto that he will peacefully hand over power to him in August if he beats his competitors, among them Raila Odinga.

Speaking during the 19th National Prayer Breakfast meeting held at Safari Park Hotel, Uhuru assured the presidential contenders in the August 9 State House race that he will pass the baton to whoever Kenyans elect to succeed him in line with the tradition of peaceful transfer of power.

He said this despite supporting Raila Odinga’s presidential bid with his Azimio camp insinuating that he will not hand over power to Ruto should he win the presidential election.

“We are aware that the tempo of our politics is beating at an increase rate day by day. We know the task of building a nation is passed from generation to generation. I intend to do just that,” said Uhuru.

He urged political parties and individuals contesting for the presidency to concede defeat once the outcome of the election in known so as to ensure peace in the country.

Uhuru emphasized on the fact that there can only be one winner in any election.

“My wish is to wish all of you peace. Mine is to wish you all will end up much more united and stronger after this election than never before.”

“I wish everyone who is vying the best of luck knowing that they will be always one winner and our prayer is that we shall accept and be able to move forward and leave to fight another day,” he stated.

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