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Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – Cracks have continued to widen in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance after The Service Party (TSP) Leader Mwangi Kiunjuri announced that his party will conduct solo campaigns.

Addressing the press yesterday, Kiunjuri claimed there is blatant favoritism of parties in the Deputy President William Ruto-led coalition, arguing that ‘small parties’ from the Mount Kenya region have been ignored.

He accused Ruto and his team of sidelining his party during campaigns.

According to Kiunjuri, Kenya Kwanza is being dishonest about its support for TSP, which officially joined the front on April 12.

“Common sense dictates that when you are in a coalition, you need to work as a team. You cannot pretend in the day that you are in a coalition and at night you are not,” he stated.

The former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary opined that the battle for supremacy and the zoning of elective areas between affiliate parties posed a threat to Ruto’s candidature.

“The emerging conflict, sibling rivalry, protection of territory and attention seeing are of concern because this could easily resort to unwanted consequences for our presidential candidate if not well managed,” he added.

Kiunjuri vowed to rally behind his party’s aspirants in the Governor, Senator, Woman Representative, Member of Parliament and Member of County Assembly contests as he accused Ruto and his UDA of being a bully.

This comes even as Ruto is facing similar accusations across the country, from Western, to Coast and to the larger Mt. Kenya with leaders from Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties crying foul.


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