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How Games Have Improved Socialization Across The World.

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How Online Games Help Modern Day Socialization

Video games have come a long way since their introduction. The primary purpose of games is a means of entertainment but they do more in our modern world. Today, playing games is a very good avenue for socialization. Modernly produced games are no longer introduced in the form of single-player modes or sole career modes. Nowadays, developers ensure players are able to connect with a host of others for a more engaging overall experience.

In this short but revealing guide, we have explained the several ways games help in socializing amongst peers. This has even been boosted by the introduction of online games which help in connecting peers from across the world.

Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer modes had been in existence for a while but got a huge boost with the introduction of online gameplay. Previously, players had to play side by side against each other to play. This was done with the use of dual gamepads and then with the use of Bluetooth on mobile devices. This technology allowed mobile gamers to connect and play against each other. While this was quite limited, it allowed players to enjoy the thrill of competition or teamwork. Things however took a turn for the better with the introduction of the internet which introduced online multiplayer games.

Online multiplayer games are games where players compete against each other across the internet. While some online games pit players one against the other, others allow players to compete against each other as teams. Today, many games such as FIFA Ultimate Team, PUBG, and Fortnite take advantage of online multiplayer modes. This way, players are able to form communities where they play against each other or battle together.  The Kenyan post mentions how players can take advantage of technology to meet new people. Most online games that are produced today ensure they incorporate multiplayer modes into their gameplay.

Regular Tournaments

There are also games where regular tournaments are frequently held. This has majorly been existent in the eSports genre where popular titles are commercialized and have competitions that are held on a regular basis. For instance, in DOTA 2, there is The International which is an annual eSports world championship. In League of Legends, there are also regular events like the League of Legends World Championship which has also been hosted annually. The same applies to Fortnite which had both solo and duo World Cup finals in 2019. Some of these esports titles are among the events to be wagered on at sports betting sites reviewed by SBO. Players also enjoy regular bonus offers, coupled with a variety of suitable payment options at the recommended sites. In addition, the suggested sites are secured with high-level encryption technology.

These regular tournaments are the best means of gathering used today as they are similar to fans in sports stadiums. Prior to the occurrence of Covid-19, most tournaments were physically held in arenas where fans cheered their esports teams. As reported by NBC, post-Covid, most tournaments were held online. Nonetheless, this did not affect the rate of virtual attendance as fans were able to cheer on their teams from home. Such eSports competitions remain a great avenue for socialization for all gaming lovers.


Although not all online games require the cooperation of a team, a good number of them do. Where a team is formed, players have different roles to play and diverse functions to perform. For instance, playing a game like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, all players have several roles. According to MobileLegends Fandom, they include the tank, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman, and support. While the assassin specializes in killing or disabling roaming targets, tanks lead the charges. Therefore, the need to work together in order to attain success is a contributory factor to how games have been helpful in aiding socialization in recent times. This level of teamwork leads to great friendships being made online, as people build trust and rapport.


While entertainment is the main reason games were invented, it is no doubt that they have greatly aided in bringing people across the world together. Moreso, with the inclusion of the internet in gaming, individuals in different continents can now play as teammates in the attainment of an objective.

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