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Tuesday, 31 May 2022 – A foreigner, identified as Kamilla Shakmina, claims that rogue cops from Kileleshwa police station are harassing foreign citizens and demanding bribes.

She was arrested with her husband on Friday, May 20, 2022, when they were returning home after a morning workout and locked up for flimsy reasons.

The cops demanded 5000$(Ksh 500,000) to set them free.

Read her viral post.

Kileleshwa police station or Kileleshwa Criminal organization?

Friday 20th of May 2022, around 11:35 at Rhapta Square, Nairobi Kenya me and my man were approached and harassed by police officers from Kileleshwa Police Station, put in a cell for 8 hours, and harassed for a bribe that first started at 5000$. 

Everything started when me and my man just left Artcaffé that is located in Rhapta Square, we bought some fresh squeezed juice and some medicine after our morning workout and were headed to our house that is located just 3 minutes of walk. 

While we are walking, we hear people scream on the street, there is sellers and workers and someone who screams ” boss, boss”. When we look back just of curiosity, all we see is a silver car with no stickers, two men in front, and one of them is holding a tree stick through his window ( I would call it a homemade baseball bat ). 

After looking back and realizing that the call is not for us, we keep walking to our house talking about that morning workout we just had ( we are both foreigners and only know our friends in Kenya ). Around 15 seconds pass by and we hear that scream again, but now its louder and closer, so when we look back we see how three people get out of their car which is Joy Nyaboxh , Ronald Nyachae and Andrew Mwenda and two other people Beato Chepkirui and Steve Mwabili coming with their bike dressed as civilians. So in the middle of the street we get approached by FIVE people, surrounding us, while one of them has a whole ”baseball bat” and the first thing Mr. Andrew Mwenda says is: – Don’t you know who we are? If we call you have to stop walking, you are disrespectful, I decide around here and now you disrespected us in public. 

My first thought is ” we are getting robbed ” , after what they pull out their badges showing them to us while covering their names. Me and my man apologize for not stopping, but we genuinely didn’t know it was for us plus we never recognized them, but that’s not why they stopped us, they wanted to see our passports. So as I said in beginning, we went downstairs to buy some juice and medicine after workout, we lived 3 minutes walk from the store so we suggest that they can follow us and we can show it to them. 

Due to corruption and everything that is going on in Kenya, I know that a lot of Kenyan citizens know exactly where this story is heading. They never wanted to see our passports, they wanted MONEY.

 So when they start to harass us even after telling them and showing them our medicine and we identify ourselves with our ID, we start to call people we know in Kenya. The street got more attention, all people went out in the streets and security started to come out, so Mr. Andrew Mwenda acts fast and start to put handcuffs on my man to move the attention while telling me that I’m free and can go home but they are gonna arrest my man and put him in cell because apparently only him is getting charged for not having passport, reason? He is African and an easy target, Im white with some legal help of my Embassy. 

I refused to leave and followed them to the car ( I knew about police problems in Nairobi since before and would never let them take him without me knowing where they are going ) and they happily let me join them, in the car those three people ( Joy Nyaboxh , Ronald Nyachae and Andrew Mwenda ) suddenly change their mood and ask us:- why did we bring so much attention on the street when it all could’ve been just solved easily ( easily in Kenya means bribe ). 

Our survival mood kicks in, two foreigners illegally taken off the streets, handcuffed, on their way to the cell, so we start to discuss the bribe price and all of a sudden they are so friendly so we are friendly back because we still wanna make it home, everyone who’s been to Kenya foreigner or citizen knows about kidnapping, innocent killing and disappearing.

When we approach Kileleshwa Police Station, that’s when you see how organized this corruption is from the inside, they all are working together, not even ONE person ever stopped their colleagues from their evil doing. In front of our eyes, we saw probably 10 people coming in and out paying different amounts from 100$ and up. So this genius man Steve Mwabili and Andrew Mwenda come with this fantastic idea that me and my mans bribe should be FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For the record my charges were ”screaming in public ” and my mans were ” no passport ”, funniest part is that I never had any passport on me either. After telling them that 5000$ for nothing is a SICK amount they put us in cell, yes they separated us and put us in two different cells for 8 hours, without any contact to our family and our embassy ( to all foreigners in Kenya, by law your embassy needs to be contacted after 5 hours of you being locked up ). Im sorry, they did open our cell once when they agreed for us to pay 250$ to get out, but after paying ,Joy Nyaboxh , Ronald Nyachae and Andrew Mwenda decided that that’s not enough and put us back in cell until we pay more money. 

This story ends with Joy Nyaboxh , Ronald Nyachae , Steve Mwabili and Andrew Mwenda accepting 500$ bribe ( at least he took one zero away ) and letting us go, that after threatening our parents and harassing us without any contact, food, water, medicine ( that we regularly need ) and basically ROBBING us. I the screenshots you can see all payments to police Mpesa and last payment of 25.000 KSH was a chat from a police officer phone, when our phone died to make a transaction. And yeah don’t forget how Mr. Andrew nonchalante joked about how we could’ve just payed from beginning and we would never be held there. 

So dear Kileleshwa Police Station, this is my letter for you. You scarred me that day and you gave me PTSD for police and the job you do, that I hope nobody ever have to experience, but unfortunately this is reality for thousands of people in Kenya. You are done messing with all those innocent peoples lives, all those people I met and talked to in YOUR CELL that you keep hidden from the world without any charges, complaints or any LEGAL RIGHT. 

Your own people that you rob and scare, you destroy peoples homes, you destroy peoples families and their mental health and Im glad you did this to me cause at least I can leave and make my voice heard without you playing with my safety. I’ve heard plenty of stories about what you do and I know everyone in Nairobi who reads this right now have been through this criminal evil behavior, Ive heard how you threaten people with drugs when they don’t wanna pay the bribe, Ive heard how you kidnap people of the street just because they question why you stop them, but the most important I’ve SEEN with my own eyes what you do to people in those cells. 

You had a grip on me, you were laughing that whole day having fun, but Im gone now and I’m gonna make sure the whole Nairobi knows their rights and knows their corrupt police officers faces, remember how I tried to tell you to soften your heart by God and stop hurting innocent people, you are police you should SERVE and PROTECT but right now you are the biggest criminals in that country. 

With this letter, I want ALL Kenyan people who have ever been abused, harassed, kidnapped or wrongly held by this station or those people, RISE AND SHARE those stories. A lot of people I spoke to through this week are very very scared of their safety, I got specifically asked to not name any names of the victims or their relatives which Im gonna respect. If you feel scared to write it openly send it to me directly through messages or email me , you can also make a fake account and write your story or if you feel that you can reveal your identity you can of course write it here. I’m now collecting all the stories, receipts of bribe payment and pictures from people in Nairobi to attach them to my case for IPOA and Media, I also got advised from many lawyers to leave the country for my safety and come out with this publicly so Im now hoping for the Kenyan people voices to be LOUD and HEARD and lets make this difference together!

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