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Friday, April 1, 2022 – Ex-police spokesperson, Charles Owino, has defended his move to defect from ODM and partner with Nicholas Gumbo in the United Democratic Movement party for the Siaya gubernatorial race.

Speaking to the press on Friday, April, Owino said their move was meant to ensure 100 % voter turn-out in Siaya in the coming August General Elections.

On Tuesday, ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna, blamed the ex-police spokesperson accusing him of attempting to make life hard for ODM.But in a quick rejoinder, Owino said the ODM secretary-general is simply scared of their ability to upset the Raila Odinga-led party in the gubernatorial race.

“I believe Sifuna is simply scared of our ability with Gumbo and if they wanted to hire us even today to deliver for ODM, they know we will deliver for ODM,”

“So, if they don’t want to hire us to deliver for them, what we are simply doing to is to avoid voter apathy. We would want Raila to get as many votes as possible,” Owino stated.

Owino questioned the ability of Sifuna to deliver votes to Raila’s baskets in the coming August elections.

“But most interestingly, I would say that Sifuna cannot deliver for ODM, even a MCA seat in Bungoma. And he knows we can deliver for ODM all the seats in Siaya. So, we are not in the same league like him,” Owino said.

Owino further called on other aspirants who might not be happy with the way ODM primaries are being organized to run using other parties or as an independent.

“We want to encourage any candidate who thinks they can run on any other party to run on that party so that we don’t lose any voters,” Owino said.


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