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Monday, 11 April 2022 – Raila’s Odinga’s aide, Silas Jakakimba, has posted a statement on social media accusing his ex-wife of kidnapping their son.

Below is the full statement.


My son was maliciously exposed to trauma until 10pm last night when I picked him up. I’m told there’s a video that the team of women who kidnapped him sent viral when they clung to him in my residence. In consequence, I’ve had the minor certified as okay following the obvious effects of possible trauma occasioned by the said group of cheer-women.

 Meanwhile, and in a totally separate matter, the mother of the kid purportedly escaped a police drag-net laid against her at her house just before noon yesterday. I understand that the police officers from Muthangari Police Station had earlier visited her house to effect a Warrant of Arrest dated 4th March, 2022. Having caught winds of the same, she decided to go and cause drama at my place knowing so well that the police officers would actually go for her WHEREVER she was – to then use my son as a shield and twist the narrative, but the truth and facts around her arrest will soon come out, and my advocate is handling that space to avail a Brief Statement unearthing the twisted falsehoods that may have been at play yesterday, my son fronted as the weapon. 

For the avoidance of doubt, she was not arrested because she came to forcefully take my son away. Otherwise the whole lot of women who were with her would all be behind bars; and what would she still be doing at the station up to now? It was purely a coincidence that having forcefully taken the boy from the play-ground in my compound, he was in her hands at the time the officers arrived to arrest her, right within my compound. Her arrest was a totally different issue on an active warrant that both the Kenya Police and The Judiciary can speak to and confirm. My son remains in my lawful custody until 14th April, 2022.



10/4/2022, NAIROBI.

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