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Thursday, 28 April 2022 – Mzee Kibor’s youngest widow, Eunita Chelimo, claims that other family members are plotting to disinherit her of the property left behind by her husband.

Speaking to the press, Chelimo alleged that she was ejected from her Kabenes matrimonial home on Tuesday and her livestock shared among her stepchildren.

She was also physically assaulted by a family member, prompting her to report the matter to the police.

Her farm inputs and tractors were also taken away and divided among her co-wives children.

“I have even lost my Kabenes matrimonial home to the children of my co-wives who have occupied the home.”

“Now there is a plot to disinherit my children because all our properties have been caveated and I can’t even raise the money for my children’s education,” she said.

Chelimo said the plot to deny her a share of the inheritance started even before her husband was buried.

Kibor’s children are behind the plot to disinherit her.

“I was surprised to be served with property restrictions filed by some of Mzee Kibor’s children, which were interestingly issued on April 1, the same day we were burying him,” she said.

 “Since then I have had no peace because I have been ejected from my Kabenes matrimonial home and on Tuesday my 57 livestock were shared by my co-wives’ children and they left me with nothing,” she added.

She called on the Government to come to her aid.


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  1. Whore: you only come with your kuma in your mission to disinherit the children of the first wife. Tafuka zako and claim it as your share our of the existing wealth created by the first wife and her children.

    Whore! you only come to the life of the old man life when he had occurred all he has from his late wife and children: whom by your coming brought hell to this family.

    Whore, when you come with you kuma, did you add anything to the old man’s empire even an inch to claim inheritance from it. Whatever you added you can claim but if it’s that as from his first wife and children, you claim nothing.

    Stop crying you’ve been chased away: you are those whose coming with their kumas and think they can inherit what they never created in the first place.

    Shenzi sana, shida zinazo kuja na wazee washenzi na umalaya zoi kwa kuma mbichi ambayo azina akili za kutafuta mali zoa, ila kudoea mali they never created in the first place but come with kuma in their schemes of disinheriting the rightful created wealth by the first wife and her children.

    Claim only what you added to the already existing wealth: malaya shenzi sana.

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