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Monday, April 4, 2022 – Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta Sunday shaved the dreadlocks of veteran Mau Mau fighter, Muthoni Kirima.

During the occasion that happened in Nyeri County, Mama Ngina, who is the matriarch of the larger Kenyatta family, shaved Muthoni’s 70-year old dreadlocks. She had not cut her hair since 1952.

After shaving the long dreadlocks, the hair was wrapped in a Kenyan flag and Mama Ngina revealed where it would go.

She said the hair will be taken to the National Museum of Kenya to signify its history.

“She said it would be stored at a museum to signify its history,” said one of the Kikuyu Council of elders who attended the function.

Mama Ngina also urged Kenyans to stop divisive language and instead educate Kenyan youths on the history of Kenya, including the struggles the forefathers endured that are being washed away by those unaware of the history of Kenya.


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  1. Mama Ngina stop taking Kenyans like Roller coaster,your son and your family has made Kenyans like empty shell clean your dirty linens starting with pandora papers you made a lot of damage in Kenya since colonial rule please stop just keep quiet and enjoy the fruits of hard work Kenyans but one day your family and there generations will pay it one way or another What goes around must come around,Kenyans are very patient and the truth is the key speaking the truth will set you free you fear the truth plus your family they say if you speak the truth you don’t know how people will react self centered criminals in Kenyan history but how long will you run away with it but patient is the key for all humanity you can only use puppets to clean your mess but not well educated Kenyan citizens and the clock is ticking you time is up.

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