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Saturday, April 30, 2022 – The late President Mwai Kibaki’s family has President Uhuru Kenyatta to thank for over what he did after Kibaki’s health started deteriorating.

Speaking during the State Funeral held at Nyayo National Stadium yesterday, Jimmy Kibaki revealed that Uhuru stepped in to assist the family in taking care of Kibaki.

According to Jimmy, Uhuru personally ensured Kibaki got the best medical care.

“Your government-assisted him in everything he required. Indeed in his later years when his medical condition was deteriorating, you personally ensured that he had the best medical care in Kenya and in regard, we are truly grateful.”

“Of course, we have had our hiccups in the last nine or ten years looking after Mzee but where we got stuck, we would give a call for further guidance and he ensured what was requested by Mzee was done expeditiously,” Jimmy stated.

Other than Uhuru aiding the family, Jimmy stated that Kibaki viewed Uhuru as one of his sons. He noted that the late president thus established a father-son-like relationship with Uhuru.

Describing the context of the cordial relationship the two enjoyed, Jimmy noted that Kibaki would suspend everything he was doing just to listen to Uhuru’s speeches.

“The relationship he had with you was like that of a father and a son. There were times I’d watch the evening news on TV with him, at around 7 o’clock, and during the news bulletin, he’d start dozing off, especially when some politicians would speak during coverage.”

“And, he’d even turn to me, and tell me: ‘Jimmy, you know this fellow has been speaking for ten minutes, and there’s nothing he has told us’, and he’d go back to dozing.

“But, when you [Uhuru Kenyatta] would come on the screen, he would sit upright and listen very keenly, and after your news item ends, he would turn to me and say ‘he’s a good man’, or ‘he’s a good fellow,” Jimmy stated.


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