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Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – Former Mwingi South MP David Musila has laid bare the late President Mwai Kibaki’s top secret that he has kept for over 40 years.

Speaking during an interview, Musila detailed how he hid Kibaki in a store during the 1982 coup.

Musila, who at the time was serving as the Provincial Commissioner (PC) for Central Kenya, revealed that he took upon himself the primary duty to secure Kibaki – who was then the country’s Vice President.

He explained that he hid the former VP in a store at a Nyeri club, a place he says remains a top security secret between him and the departed former Head of State.

“When it was announced that there was a coup in 1982, my first duty was to look for my Vice President. Since it was on a weekend, he used to work from Central Province,” Musila stated.

“I decided to put him in a store at a Nyeri club, it has been a secret ever since, it is just now that I’m disclosing where I put my Vice President.”

According to Musila, his decision to hide Kibaki in a store despite it being stuffy and unhygienic was informed by the need to secure him from the coup plotters.

He explained that it was not easy for the coup plotters to imagine a Vice President would be in such a dingy place.

“I called him to find out if he was safe and informed him that I was sending a senior police officer whom he knew well to pick him up. It was important I sent someone he could trust, so I sent Samuel Wathome, the then Provincial Special Branch Officer,” Musila recalled.

He recounted seeing Kibaki feeble after the attempted coup and he could feel the fear in his veins.

“We feared that there were soldiers in Nyeri town who could attack us or who could have been closing in from the Nanyuki Airforce base, where the coup was being plotted. When Kibaki arrived in Nyeri, I could see that he was shaken, after all, he was the Vice President in the government that had just been toppled,” Musila recounted.

He carried out the whole rescue operation till normalcy was restored and called the then President, Daniel Arap Moi informing him that his Vice President was safe.

Musila recounted saving Kibaki’s life during December 2002 presidential campaign when the late President was involved in a road accident.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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