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What You Need to Know About Sports Betting in Kenya

Sports betting is becoming more popular in Kenya. Recent statistics show that Kenya is the third-largest betting market in Africa.

The country’s gross gambling revenue is estimated at $40 million per year. With an annual growth rate of 7%, Kenya remains one of the continent’s betting powerhouses.

The challenges posed by a rapidly increasing youth population and high unemployment rate have caused young Kenyans to participate more in sports betting, with some also using it as a means to cover their living expenses. It creates a lot of fun and excitement for sports fans in all parts of the nation.

However, as more betting shops, online betting sites, and mobile apps come on stream in Kenya, new sports bettors can become overwhelmed by a large number of options. This brief guide to sports betting in Kenya provides information about the legality of betting, the sports to bet on, and the sites to use for online betting.

Is Sports Betting in Kenya Legal?

Sports betting (either offline or online) is legal in Kenya. The Kenyan government, through the Betting and Gaming Act of 1966, offers operational licenses to sports betting companies.

Presently, online betting companies receive their license from the country’s Betting Control and Licensing Board.

The board monitors the activities of betting companies to prevent them from exploiting bettors. It also provides basic qualifications for participating in sports betting. All players must be at least 18 years old to register or play on any betting website.

For those who want to bet on sites domiciled outside Kenya, there’s nothing to fear. The regulators do not prevent citizens from betting on foreign betting sites. This, in turn,  increases the options available to Kenyans.

Which Sports are Popular for Betting in Kenya?

Currently, football is the sport with the largest following among youths in Kenya. So naturally, it gets the highest number of bets every week.

Football also takes centre stage in Kenyan sports betting because fans have been following the top European leagues closely for decades. Kenyans can also listen to popular pundits who try to predict the outcome of matches in the:

* English Premier League

* Spanish La Liga

* German Bundesliga

* Italian Serie A

* French Ligue un

* UEFA Champions League

* UEFA Europa League

Apart from football, Kenyan sports fans also like to bet on tournaments like the NBA and NFL championships, as well as sports like cricket, tennis, rugby, volleyball, and boxing.

What are the Best Websites for Sports Betting in Kenya?

New betting websites are often springing up to attract punters. However, not all are created equal, and when looking for quality Kenyan sports betting sites, you should make sure it offers:

* Action on all your favourite sports

* Live betting options

* Competitive betting odds

* Competitive deposit bonuses

* Convenient payment methods (including bank transfer and debit card)

* A user-friendly betting interface

* A good reputation with happy customers

* Excellent customer support

Many betting sites give new players special bonuses when signing up. Some of them call it a welcome bonus. This bonus may be as much as 100 percent of the initial deposit.

Some sites also offer new bettors free bets and money to test their betting skills before they start playing with real money. Other sites even give compensation to players who lose under certain conditions.

Ensure that you check the promo section of every betting site to know the type of bonuses available. However, if a bonus seems too good to be true, it probably is. Compare the bonuses on each site with others to be sure that they are within a reasonable range.

Is Mobile Betting Available in Kenya?

Many of the popular sportsbooks in Kenya provide mobile apps for betting. Apps are usually available through Google Play and iOS app stores.

With the app, you can do almost all the things you can on the website. Mobile betting apps allow you to deposit funds, withdraw funds, and place bets. Some also offer live betting. However, some bookmakers reduce the number of bets on mobile apps due to the small screens of mobile devices.

Another important option is the mobile-optimized website. This allows you to place a bet using the web browser on your smartphone or tablet.

You have access to the full functionality of the website instead of a limited set of options. These sites give you the ability to place a bet anywhere, whether you are using a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

If you are interested in mobile betting, you should download the mobile app for your device. Test it extensively to see if you will enjoy interacting with the app every week before you start depositing funds.

Those are some of the important things you need to know before you start betting in Kenya. Whether you want to bet in a shop, on a website, or with your mobile phone, you will find a betting company that will meet your needs.

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