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Thursday, March 17, 2022 – ODM leader Raila Odinga has revealed that he used his personal money to fund his trip to the United Kingdom.

Speaking at Chatham House in the UK on Wednesday, March 16, the opposition chief said his air ticket plus those of his entourage were never purchased by the Government.

While dismissing the notion that the opposition joined the Government after the handshake, Raila wondered why the Government didn’t fund his trip.

“What is so-called ‘government in opposition is leaving in officialdom. The DP spent over Sh100 million. He is traveling on taxpayers’ money with all the entourage he came with.”

“I had to pay my travel expenses to come here. The Government has paid for none of the people who have accompanied. He (Ruto) cannot be a Government in opposition,” he said.

The former Prime Minister castigated DP Ruto for claiming that the handshake killed the opposition saying the opposition has continued to play its role even after the handshake.

“We remain what is known here as ‘Her majesty’s loyal opposition’. We don’t just oppose for the sake of opposing but oppose and also offer constructive alternatives.”“This is what has been happening in Kenya. There have been fallacious statements that we have opposition in Government and Government in opposition,” said Raila.

Speaking at Chatham House last week, DP Ruto blasted the handshake saying it had rendered the current administration ‘a mongrel of a Government system’,

“Today in Kenya, we have a mongrel of a Government system, you don’t know whether it is the Government that is in opposition or the opposition is the one that is in Government.”

“The leader of the opposition is a project of the system and the deep state of the Government. Unfortunately, the leader of what is supposed to be the ruling party is actually a squatter or a refugee in the opposition party,” Ruto said.


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