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Unique quadruple by Serge Gnabry

In football, it is quite rare for one player to score 4 times in one match. This happens especially infrequently in the Champions League games, because all the best clubs of the Old Continent play in this tournament. You can watch football today results of this competition on the proven platform.

Quadruple, i.e. the situation when a player scores 4 goals, still sometimes happens in the Champions League. But Serge Gnabry has set a completely unique achievement in this regard. In the season 2019/20, he played alongside his Bayern teammates against Tottenham. In that game, Bayern defeated the Spurs on the road with the score of 2:7.

Gnabry not only made a quadruple but also scored all his goals in the second half. Nobody has been able to do this before. If quadruple happened before, then at least one of the balls has been scored before the break. The German national team member played brilliantly in the second half and entered his name in history.

Gnabry was really good in that match. Fast and sharp, he left no chance for the defenders of Tottenham. This achievement looks even more amazing and impressive given the fact that the Spurs played in the Champions League final just 5 months before this match. It turns out that Gnabry made his quadruple against one of the strongest teams of the Old Continent.

What helped Gnabry set his record

The achievement of the German clearly demonstrates that during that match he could rebuild the strategy and demonstrated the maximum of his abilities. Already before the break, the midfielder was good. And after it he added so much that the defenders of Tottenham couldn’t keep up with him at all. If today you are interested in the football results of this team, it is easy to follow them on the sports statistics website.

Speaking of Gnabry’s achievement, it is important to understand that it was made possible thanks to:

  1. The amazing speed qualities of the player. In the second half, Tottenham became bolder in attacks and paid more attention to it. Because of this, the team had difficulties in defense. Sometimes the defenders didn’t have time to go back. This is what Gnabry used. He literally ran away from the defenders and didn’t leave them a chance.
  2. Skills. It was not a problem for the midfielder to deal with the rival, go to the operational space and deliver an accurate shot.
  3. Teamwork with partners. That night in attack, he interacted well with Lewandowski, Muller and a number of other players. Thanks to this, Serge gave the most striking performance of his career.

As for that team of Hansi Flick, it quite naturally won the Champions League, because during the whole season they showed attacking and super-successful football.

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