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Tuesday, March 8, 2022 – The animosity between Deputy President William Ruto and COTU Boss Francis Atwoli is not ending any time soon if the statement by the Azimio La Umoja strongman is anything to go by.

This is after Atwoli vowed to travel to the US and UK to expose Ruto who is on the 12-day tour of the US and UK.

In a statement, the trade unionist said Kenyans in diaspora listen to his words and he believes he will persuade them on why Ruto is unfit to be the 5th president of Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta.

I’m going to London Next week, from there I will go to the US then later to Israel. Atajua hajui.”

“Wherever Ruto has gone, I will be there to depopularize him,” COTU Francis Atwoli said.

 “I will meet the Kenyan community in London and the US to tell them to ask their parents to give us support,” he added.

During his tour of the UK over the weekend, Ruto took issue with Atwoli for opposing NHIF contributions, saying the man is irredeemably stupid and foolish, an insult that didn’t amuse the COTU boss.

He has since vowed to teach him a lesson he will never forget beginning next week.


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  1. Shoga!

    you’ve become old with foolishness in your aging faculty.

    You sleep in meeting only yo wake up and eat like a rat then go back to sleep! Surely, in such operating system of sleeping and waking up after a fat, which worker do you represent! your mdomo kaya with self entitlement on nothing.

    Kumbafu sana na shenzi sana.

  2. Atwoli is sick and pathetic who ever listens to him is a biggest fool of lifetime,he is a an old bull dog,only fools listen to him the only biggest surprise is to give him chicken and obusuma and the old bull dog will forget everything and goes to sleep never forget the owner who is Uhuru kindly throw some leftovers chickens for your bull dog when ever you’re on the table eating we need quiet environment he is a government puppet a lunatic and disgusting shapeless in workers history he thinks like an educated fool without performance can someone save this country from useless pathetic leaders like Atwoli corrupt individuals with zero percentage ile ujinga iko kenya haiko kwingine.

    • You’re the one who is seriously sick. Atwoli stopped Thief Ruto from dipping his evil hand in the NSSF till. That’s where the beef comes from. Ruto has plundered all govt money sources. He used to collect tens of millions per day from City Treasury via Sonko. Kalenjins will never rule Kenya again. God has protected Kenya from the dogs

  3. Atwoli nimshenzi sana… educated fool..where did he get this title? Shenzi? Bure kabisa…big mouth talking nonsense about politics everytime! Doesn’t care for Kenyan workers… hustlers iko juuuu…..

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