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Thursday, March 17, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto has started playing a very dangerous game ahead of the August 9th General Election.

This is after he incited Boda Boda riders against the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta after the president ordered a crackdown on the riders following the incident in which they sexually assaulted a woman motorist.

Speaking in Nairobi yesterday, Ruto called on Boda Boda riders whose motorbikes were impounded to raid police stations across the country and take their motorbikes by force if necessary.

Ruto also urged Boda Boda operators to demand a refund of their money from Uhuru’s government which was collected by the police in the name of fines.

He blasted the traffic officers for confiscating motorbikes and imposing what he termed as illegal fines.

“All those Boda Boda operators whose motorbikes were taken away, I urge you to walk to the police stations and take their motorbikes. 

“They were also fined illegally and their money should be returned so that they continue their work because they are doing legitimate business,” Ruto said.

The second in command defended Boda Boda operators, saying they are not criminals as it is being painted by the government.

“Here in Forest Road, we saw criminals molesting a lady, but Boda Boda riders, who are well-mannered business people, were harassed by the government, we want to tell them, Boda Boda riders are business people and are not criminals,” said Ruto.

DP Ruto further challenged the government to apply the same commitment in arresting Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) scandal suspects instead of harassing innocent Kenyans.

“Those people who stole money at KEMSA should also be arrested like those who harassed the Forest Road lady are being pursued. 

“I want to ask them, is it Boda Boda riders who stole money at KEMSA? Criminals should be pursued as criminals,” Ruto added.


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  1. is Ruto inciting boda boda boys? how can he ask them to storm police stations to pick their boda boda? Those are kicks of a dying horse. you will only see state house on viusasa.

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