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Friday March 4, 2022 – ODM leader, Raila Odinga‘s nephew and Oburu Odinga’s son, Jaoko Oburu, has buried Wiper leader, Kalonzo Musyoka’s hope of becoming president in August.

This is after he dismissed his demand to have Raila support his presidential bid in the upcoming elections.

In a statement, Jaoko, who is also the Siaya County CEC in Charge of Roads and Public Works, insisted that Raila Odinga must be the next President.

According to Jaoko, Raila will only endorse Kalonzo for President once he completes his presidential term limit and not before.

“Baba Raila Odinga must and will be the next President of the Republic of Kenya.”

“Any person that wants his endorsement must wait till he completes his terms,” he said in a Tweet.

The statement came barely 2 days after Kalonzo released the contents of the NASA deal where Raila had committed himself to support him for President during the 2022 General Elections.

He challenged the ODM leader to honor the deal and support him if he is a true statesman.


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  1. Kalonzo has iron balls he doesn’t take shit from puppets within the government Kenyans are with Kalonzo,charity can go to hell with Azimio Kenyan is boiling Kenyans are in a point where they will never take a shit from Kenyatta,raila and fucking Gideon moi families it’s time for revolution Uhuru be warned with your Mother who pushes you to the wall Ruto is not Raila your dealing with Big thing and be warned.

  2. Even the Angels fear when the devils trade in this is not 2017 it’s a game changer even the poor can rule Kenyans so be warned who ever is rich you better change your style,Uhuru be warned you pushed Kenyans to the walls and lied to Kikuyu community that other tribes hate them we have worked as 43 tribes but be warned Uhuru the tables will turn against you and don’t create graves to your generations because Kenyans are smart and educated we shall never fight as Kenyans to make your blood lines stronger only a fool can fight other communities we have seen the light it’s time for you to clean what your father and mother messed up if you don’t you will be in HELL .

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