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Friday, March 18, 2022 – Over 3,000 prostitutes in Nakuru count have vowed to elected development-oriented leaders in the coming August General Elections.

In an interview with the media after their periodical meeting on Thursday, their spokesperson Daisy Achieng, made a commitment not to vote in selfish leaders but those who will improve their lives.

They said that come August 9th, they will not “vote blindly” but will ensure they are included in the agenda of local and national leaders.

“We will not vote blindly this time-round, we are now wiser and empowered. We need development-oriented leaders who can help us get better jobs in the future,”

 “We will vote for leaders who address our plight, including helping us make investments as well as savings to improve our lives,” Achieng said.

The sex workers further called on the national Government together with the County Governments to consider them for employment opportunities saying they are equally qualified.

“There are many of us who have required certificates and documents to be employed in ward, constituency and county offices. Sex workers can also be employed; we are not illiterate.” Achieng added.

They promised that, unlike previous elections where politicians used them to cause chaos, this year’s election will be different as they embrace peace.

“But ahead of the August elections, we will behave with decorum and embrace peace. We will maintain peace because those in politics are seeking employment and we should not allow their differences to split us.”

Achieng further advised their clients that they will suspend their services during party primaries and on election day to exercise their democratic rights.


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